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Joshua C. Wheeler

Joshua C. Wheeler Josh practices in King and Snohomish Counties, helping clients resolve family law issues including divorce, the distribution of complex financial estates, child custody, child support (adjustment, modification, and enforcement), establishment of parentage, committed relationships between unwed couples, and prenuptial agreements. Josh approaches his practice as problem solving, which starts with the questions: ‘what tools are available – and which is best – to resolve the legal issue? Can the issue be directly negotiated? Can it be resolved through mediation? Is litigation necessary?’ He believes that effective legal counsel involves selecting the most optimal means of resolving the dispute in terms of time, money, risk, and worry.

Josh enjoyed his time in academia before attending law school: he obtained three Bachelor’s Degrees while completing graduate level work in history and philosophy at the University of Washington and spent several years teaching the same. Josh worked his first nine years in family law with Roberta Doyle, an experienced North Seattle family law attorney who has practiced for more than 35 years. Josh volunteers with the King County Neighborhood Legal Clinics program.