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Welcome to Lawgate

Our practice is focused on all aspects of family law.

We handle our cases with individual attention and a passion for detail. You will be treated with professionalism at every level and you will like our team approach.

Please feel free to look around.

We've provided thumbnail answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in family law. We've addressed our philosophy of mediation vs. litigation, and why we feel it's so important to excel at both. And we've tackled the issue of fees head-on, so you'll know up-front exactly what to anticipate.

We care.

As busy lawyers, but lawyers who care, we want technology to put us in greater touch with our clients. And we want our clients to take back as much ownership of their case as possible. This requires getting connected and staying there. It requires creative accessibility, responsiveness, and an open invitation for client participation.

Connect with us.

As we grow, so will our site. Lawgate is about staying connected, in matters of the utmost importance.