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Kerry A. Richards

Kerry A. Richards Kerry is a long time resident of the Puget Sound area, having graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in American Studies. Following graduation he directed his interests to Willamette University Law School where he graduated in May of 1976. He began his legal career as a general practitioner, where he handled property transactions, personal injury claims, estate planning, family law and contract litigation. Trial and litigation were foundational experiences for Kerry. He remained in the same firm from 1976 until retirement took his long time partner, Joel Bradshaw in 2017. Over the years, Kerry's practice took him from being a generalist to specializing in family law. His specialty in family law included both marital dissolution, estate planning and probate. He also worked extensively in the preparation of premarital agreements. Kerry enjoyed a successful trial practice during his career. For many years, trial was the way. While mediation and resolution before trial have taken a leading outcome for most of his clients, the detailed preparedness required for a trial has long been his standard for a successful mediation and issue resolution. For Kerry, the client has always come first. His oral advocacy skills, his writing skills and his full understanding of the law have served those clients well. Within the Lawgate firm he mentors colleagues whenever possible. In the later years of his practice Kerry has also honed his skills as a neutral. He works as a mediator as well as an advocate. His work ethic serves those who avail themselves of his services.

When not found in the office, Kerry is enjoying the many outdoor offerings of the Pacific Northwest, like skiing, sailing and hoping the occasional rascal trout will see the benefits of his fly. Kerry has also been in volunteer service to several theatres in Seattle, such as the Seattle Children's Theatre (long time trustee and officer on the board) and Seattle Shakespeare Company.